I'm Luke Stevenson,
Sydney based UI Designer.

National Library of Australia

I worked closely with the National Library to bring their new visual identity to the web. I designed both a fully responsive website along with an online identity guide for internal designers & stakeholders.

The new visual identity was a throw back to classic literature while maintaining a modern aesthetic. In short everything was about the reading experience. This was achieved through the use of serif fonts, plenty of white-space, drop-caps and high contrasting navigation elements.

Telstra SportsFan

SportsFan is a popular sporting website, best known for it's editorial content. With a high male readership it was imperative we made a strong visual connection. This was achieved through sharp rigid shapes, strong san-serif fonts and deep colours.

I designed both a top-level style guide, along with a mobile site and desktop site. The overall interface I kept clean and minimal leaving the sport colours to help orientate users.

Help Me Choose

I worked with Help Me Choose to improve both their website and comparison UI. With many competitors in the market it was important for them to look current and trustworthy.

Visually we wanted a clean, clear and easy to use interface. Pairing striking colours to different comparison options helped the user clearly identify their location on the site. I created a UI kit and designed each stage of the comparison journey.

ManageMy Post

ManageMy Post is a GPS tracking web app used to track mail deliveries. I was tasked with creating branding, illustration, UI and a responsive brochure site.

The design reflects the business values being modern, clean and friendly.

AMSL Diabetes

AMSL helps assist people with diabetes achieve better control and freedom's in their day to day lives. Their business focus is around care and wanted to reflect these qualities in their new website.

I designed an overall colour palette consisting of skin tones and blue shades to associate feelings of trust and human interaction. Coupled with rounded fonts and soft icons, AMSL's visual identity reflected both their personal and human approach to business.

Take Charge

Take Charge is a REROC (Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils) initiative to help young people connect with local volunteering opportunities.

I created both the user interface for the web app and the overall branding. Bright colours, playful imagery and illustrations are all visual elements used to connect with young users. The app interface is mobile first for young people on the go.


Hi, I'm Luke Stevenson, Sydney based UI and UX designer.

I've been handcrafting functional and creative web, software and user experiences for more than five years. Some of my disciplines include user interface design, wire framing, prototyping, user experience, branding, web design and development.

I am currently seeking opportunities internationally and domestic. If you're interested in my services, please get in touch.

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